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About Us

Nuterro Solutions Aquatics

The Past

Nuterro Solutions started as a landscaping company, our initial services were typical landscaping services such as planting plants, installing mulch, patio and hardscape installations, etc. From there we learned about Aquascape Inc. Water features, aquariums and aquatics have always been an interest. There's something about water that draws us in. This lead to the creation of our Aquatics side of Nuterro. We started building ponds, we worked towards getting our Aquascape Contractor Certification and were the first Certified Aquascape Contractor in Manitoba. From there our aquatics side grew to where it is today as Manitoba's largest water feature builder and retailer. 


The Present

We work daily on creating an efficient, effective and exceptional experience for our customers. We are consistently changing and growing our processes and creating new ways to better serve you. This is one of our core company values that has allowed us to get to this point. Our drive to improve all aspects of Nuterro will continue and allow our company to constantly and consistently serve you better. We now serve all of Canada by shipping products and supplies across the country while keeping our landscaping and pond services local to Winnipeg.


The Future

The future of Nuterro Solutions Aquatics looks bright as we continue to extend our reach and take hold in the Canadian market. It is our goal to be the go-to aquatics store in Canada and be the best and first choice to get your aquatics needs. We will accomplish this goal by continually working towards embetterment and creating a safe and helpful atmosphere for our customers.

Our Commitment

It is our commitment to continually improve our customer services and your overall experience with Nuterro Solutions Inc. We will make every effort to ensure you're satisfied with our services and receive the best possible experience. We will achieve this by remembering and working on our goals while staying true to our core company values.

Our Core Company Values


We keep integrity as our 1st and most important value, integrity is at the forefront of every decision we make.

Commitment to Customers

We're committed to make your experience with Nuterro Solutions Inc. the best possible experience while staying true to our other values.

Consistent Improvement

We're committed to consistent and never-ending improvement. Ensuring we're as efficient as possible to bring you the best service possible.

Teamwork and Leadership

Constantly working with our team to ensure everyone is on the same page, while following our values. Creating a great work environment for our team and making sure not to leave our team feeling left out or neglected. We want everyone's experience to be a good one.

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